Are Enron links the only reason the brutal murder of FBI informant Al Chalem remains unsolved after 15 years? You decide…


Few people knew the truth as to why FBI Wall Street informant Al Chalem had his face removed with 5 shots to the head . Even the triggerman Mikhail did not know for 2 years why he had been tricked into exterminating the pump and dump master.  Now the truth is floating to the surface in dribs and drabs. 

Chalem was one of 4 brokers buying unregistered shares of Enron shares offshore  for politicians at the highest levels.  He was also helping drug dealers and corrupt FBI agents launder drug and other dirty money on Wall Street.  He thought he was untouchable until he was visited by Boris and Michael Vax.  He probably assumed that as an FBI informant, he had the best bodyguards in the world.  He assumed wrong.


But another FBI informant, a Fort Lauderdale lawyer named Steve Finta, partners with the notorious FBI Agent Terry Nelson (arrested with a load of drugs in Canada in 1997) was facing arrest  by the DEA for his role in the Canadian and Haitian drug deals orchestrated by Nelson. But he could redeem himself if he solved an even bigger problem for the White House – Enron and more specifically the key witness that could put Dick Cheney behind bars – Al Chalem.  Here is a  intertwined narrative of Cheney’s dealings over the years from a zealous and passionate source other than this author:  (Forgive his style – his intentions are clearly good)


Meet “Big Steve” Finta

Finta was a big gorilla but clever like a fox. He only had to persuade the Russian mob that Chalem was a government witness and an FBI informant who would soon be spilling his guts about his dealings with Harbor Securities.  If they found Chalem wearing his wire, all would be believed and Chalem’s fate would be irrevocable.  It was not true but when it comes to 15-30 year prison sentences, the Russians did not even think twice about the “tip”.  The rest is history and Cheney can now sleep like a baby at night.  Just for laughs, check this out

Hey, do you remember when the U.S. Supreme Court was used to appoint George W. Bush as our president in 2000, despite Al Gore capturing more of the popular vote in Florida?  Well it was the same Supreme Court that saved Mr. Cheney from revealing his meetings and proxy holdings in Enron.

Chalem also agreed to launder money for drug dealers through Wall Street transactions and proxy companies like American Financial Group of Florida were used to disguise and move the moneys. Many of the dealers were CIA subcontractors like George Morales whose pilot Gary Betzner testifies here: 

Did you know it is completely legal for NASDAQ and NYSE listed companies to sell shares in their companies for cash in any amount without proof of origin of the funds?  Thank President George H. Bush for this law his administration pushed through Congress. How else could Barry Seal and FBI Agent Terry Nelson wash millions of dollars of money every month without damning wire transfer records from banks?  Here’s an inside look at Seal’s operation…  that was about to be fully exposed by WSJ reporter Johnathan Kwitny when he suddenly passed away.  Although the government will stick to its strategy of “Deny, Deny, Deny!” the evidence is now undeniable… Uncle Sam’s rogue agents  work for our shadow government and are the biggest drug smugglers in the world.  Wall Street is only too happy to help do their dirty laundry.  In this report you can even see who paid for the planes that fly in the drugs…


Scooter Libby

But if not for Chalem’s murder, the world might not have a legal ground to prosecute the money launderers and murderers hired to protect and enrich the likes of Cheney, Nelson, and Pappa Bush.  These are the world’s modern day criminals that make Al Capone and John Dilinger look like boy scouts.  A look at American Financial Group’s phone bills from 1994-1996 will reveal the personal phone number of this man below (Donald Gregg) who  was the right hand man to Georg Bush Sr.  Likewise, when drug dealer Barry Seal was found shot in the head, he had the personal cell phone number of Vice President George H. Bush in his pocket.  In November of 1998, Al Chalem had a coffee shop meeting with Scooter Libby.  Why?  Also keep in mind that when former CIA Operative Chip Tatum was interviewed by FBI Supervisor Ted Gunderson, he confirmed that he met FBI Agent Terry Nelson at the home of Barbara Bush in South Florida.  Atty. Steve Finta who was Nelson’s front guy for ten years was seen dropping off $16 million in cash at AFG offices in Aventura, Florida.  All just big coincidences – right?  For those that doubt FBI Agent Terry Nelson was running drugs into Canada for years, just take a look at this or speak with eye witnesses Erling Ingvaldsen or pilot Curt Emmer.  As for Wall Street’s complicity, this headline article may enlighten you…

Gregg  george-hw-bush-0111-lg

I want to remind any and all prosecutors in America who subscribe to the concept of “equal justice for all”, that there is no statute of limitation for murder, even if the victim/witness was a slimeball who also just happened to be an FBI informant. Did you ever get the feeling that our courts are protecting a corrupt government from the people and not the people from a corrupt government? Apparently we have become those proverbial boiling frogs – too complacent with the status quo to even notice our own slow death as a free people.  Justice in America is now clearly an illusion – smoke and mirrors, yet another deception and tool, that like mainstream media is manipulated by the plutocracy.  George Washington,  Thomas Jefferson, and Ben Franklin must now be spinning in their graves at 3,000 rpm.

lady justice 4

FBI Informant Alain Chalem Was Conveniently Allowed To Be Whacked…


Wall Street insiders and the FBI both know the score.  The Chalem murder is anything but a mystery.  At the time of his death Al knew he was a marked man but since he was an FBI informant at the time, he felt somewhat safe even though he admitted to friends he was worried after receiving some visits and threats from Michael Vax and some of the other Brighton Boys.  Chalem did in fact owe some money, but he was making arrangements to pay it at the time of his sudden demise.  But that is not why he was snuffed.  A handful of people know that Al was involved in a variety of offshore dealings that were never really black or white, but usually darker shades of gray.  One such transaction involved the private purchase of some Enron shares for a corrupt Texas Congressman and a fellow who used to work in the White House. A Canadian living on Ocean Drive in Dade County named Jon Pierre Gonyou was also involved along with Nick Navarro’s bag man  Scotty Galin.  Gonyou died of a fictitious drug overdose in Beverly Hills, Galin in a mysterious Bahamas private plane crash, and we all know what happened to Al… or do we?

First, you need to know that Navarro was the former Sheriff of Fort Lauderdale. He was personally hand-picked as President Bush’s Drug Task Force Czar in the 1980s.  How the sheriff became a multi-millionaire was no secret to Scotty and dozens of South Florida and Colombian drug dealers.  Few people know the loopholes in federal law that allow drug monies to legally be used to buy stock shares on NYSE and NASDAQ.  Nick, Al, and Pierre knew those laws inside and out. More than $10 million was used to by unregistered Enron shares offshore in a private sale. As far as we know there were only two buyers – that corrupt Texas Congressman now serving time behind bars and the White House staffer who was the subject of a Pulitzer Prize Winning book.  This was all circa 1998-1999.


Many people now know that Chalem was a Wall Street informant for the feds. It is assumed that he was wired 90% of his waking hours and under constant 24/7 surveillance at the time he was gunned down.  If that was the case, then why was he allowed to be killed?  Were his handlers conveniently reassigned to another task that evening, or merely told to look the other way – as in the infamous Barry Seal case?  This detail still remains unknown.


Good Guy Cliff Baxter

And who deliberately “leaked” false information to the Brighton Boys that Chalem was on a federal witness list to testify against Vax and others?  Yes, Chalem was an FBI informant, but he was not involved in any investigations involving Vax and associates at the time. It is my belief from my unique perspective and personal experience that Chalem posed a disclosure risk of the offshore Enron dealings.  Arthur Levitt may have in fact been called in by that White House fellow to run interference on the federal murder investigation. I personally have no evidence of that, but Manfredonia’s theories are quite feasible in my judgement. If he is right about Levitt I expect some bogus charges will soon be underway to discredit the guy before someone takes him too seriously and opens a real investigation. One thing is certain… Veteran FBI Senior SA John Marley (the original head agent on the case) was diligent and moving in the right direction in his investigation, when he suddenly retired and was replaced with two young agents SA Danielle and  SA Thomas, who have stumbled along ever since.

bloody hands

The Al Chalem murder case is not one that will ever be “solved”. A prosecution would not only be quite inconvenient for that former White House staffer, but would open an embarrassing Pandora’s box for quite a few people.  Was it Dilinger or Capone who said “the only good witness is a dead witness”?  The Russian mob was duped into doing the dirty work for some corrupt pols. The guy who fed the false tip to the Russians is believed to be another former FBI informant – a Ft. Lauderdale lawyer named Steven J. Finta who is famous in his own right for negotiating drug deals with federal prisoners (like Renee Benitez, Haitian General Biambi, Eduardo Garray, etc. ) for his partner – a corrupt FBI agent named Terry Nelson (now retired) who was caught red-handed in 1997 in Saskatchewan, Canada with tons of cocaine and was arrested by the RCMP.  (That full story can be found by reading the Tatum Chronicles and Rodney Stich’s 2010 book – “DRUGGING AMERICA“).  For a decade, Finta was Terry Nelson’s front man. Over this  period, over $1 billion dollars of drugs (street value) were smuggled into Canada/US group by the Nelson/Finta/Fischetti gang.  Most of that money was laundered on Wall Street. They were caught but never prosecuted. Why?  But that is digressing…sorry.


Bad Guy Atty. Steve Finta

From whose hands drips the most blood? The FBI? Were they that inept? Asleep at the switch, or just following orders? The SEC? If they were more diligent perhaps Chalem might have already been in protective custody? What about that former White House staffer whose neck was saved by a Supreme Court ruling to seal his personal records about his many secret meetings with Ken Lay and other Enron Execs?  What about “Big Steve” Finta and his gang?  There is plenty of blood and blame to go around to be sure. Wall Street’s biggest secrets are no longer just hot stock tips, but rather murder mysteries, bizarre suicides, private plane crashes, drug overdoses, and missing persons who fled for foreign lands to keep their families alive and safe.


I tried to tell this story ten years ago and was promptly run out of America and then Canada. My wife and kids were threatened with four bullets through our kitchen window followed by some rather rude phone calls. The following week they shot up our family car. The threats left on our answering machine were given to the police. When I asked what their investigation turned up a year later, I wast told they were “not allowed” to talk with me! I tried to write a book about all this as well only to have my manuscripts stolen from me at gunpoint by federal agents without a court order in the presence of several witnesses (twice).  I was visited abroad in 2009 and told I would promptly die if I ever returned to America. Why me? I didn’t kill anyone. I did nothing other than to introduce some of the above players. I had no clue what evil deeds were at play in their minds. I have since been conveniently declared a “fugitive” (same play used to discredit Chip Tatum). Meanwhile, the wrong people get blamed for the murder of Al Chalem.  The real ones walk free – and always will – just like Terry Nelson and Ross Fischetti.  It’s truly a miracle that Rodney Stich and Chip Tatum are still alive (Chip’s fake death was betrayed by his recent court appearance).

The real criminals in our country live on Wall Street and in Washington. Those who try to expose them like Assange, Manning, Hastings, and most recently  Edward Snowden are relentlessly tracked, persecuted, and locked away – or worse.  Truth is never allowed to get in the way. The courts are unleashed to discredit those who know the truth.  We are labeled as “criminals” or “fugitives” so we will not be believed. The “Patriot Act” even created secret courts, and eliminated “Habeas Corpus” to ensure these skeletons never fall out of their closets.  Big crimes = big secrets and most all of them hide on Wall Street.


Most Americans still don’t realize that the Federal Reserve Bank is not owned by the government, but rather a private bank that enriches a dozen elite families to the tune of $320 million a day.  In reality, Wall Street is no more legitimate. It is not unlike those clever carnival games that lured us all as kids – an insider’s game.

It is a small world when it comes to billion dollar corruption.  Al Chalem was not quite in that league yet, but he was caught up in the panic created by Enron investigations launched by Judicial Watch and Duke University Law students.  If that Enron transaction that took place in the islands ever saw the light of day, it might be another quarter century before a Republican ever resides in the White House again.  BTW… I too am a former federal agent and informant who had a long talk with Michael about all of the above more than five years ago. He too was amazed at how convoluted and explosive a single hit had become.  Connect the dots…  Enron, Halliburton, Afghanistan, Saudi investors, American Financial Group of Aventura, Florida (Government front company), their clients Jon Pierre Gonyou,  and Steve Finta were just two of them. (Gonyou used the alias of “Paul Taylor”),  After you connect the dots you will see the connection you will see why Chalem had to die. Cliff Baxter tried to do the right thing, and so did I.  After my wife and children were threatened, my priorities changed.


As mentioned above, American securities laws actually allow cash and other non-traceable legal tender to buy shares of stock on Wall Street without declaring the source of the money – in unlimited amounts.  Corrupt politicians are well aware of this law and by using off-shore proxies and convicted felons as brokers they are able to move huge amounts of money around the world through the purchase and sale of  liquid stock shares.  Granted, they risk the market fluctuations of Wall Street, but not on a stock like Enron that had the best inside traders in the world.  Did Enron really have a Taliban connection?  Why were AFG’s CFO and CEO (David Siegel and Edward Chism) in Saudi Arabia the day the Khobar Towers were bombed and who were they meeting with?  The FBI knows because I told them. and


There is only one mystery related to Al’s convenient death, and that is the role of writer Gary Weiss.  His sensational story rocked Wall Street, but was he consigned to write that story and send bloodhounds down the wrong trail or merely to plant some misinformation and red herrings? I cannot be sure. But I do know from my own experience that feds plant stories in the press/media all the time (like Tatum’s fake death). Indeed Chalem’s murder was technically a “mob hit” and yes, the Russians pulled it off.  But the true motives were something Weiss never touched upon. I do not pretend to have all the answers. I don’t.  I know what I know from my dealings/conversations with Chalem, Vax, Gonyou, Galin, Lay, and a former government front company in Aventura, Florida known as American Financial Group where I worked for a couple of years.  I met Chalem less than a year before his death and was asked to commit a crime for him. I graciously declined.

Edward Manfredonia suggests that former SEC Chairman Arthur Levitt may have tried to cover-up the true motives of the Chalem murder and lead investigators in the wrong direction.  This is quite possible but I have no facts to support this and do not want to drag him through the mud unjustly. I can say that as a former federal investigator myself, I can confirm that most all of Manfredonia’s allegations on other matters have panned out over the last 10 years and his sources have been good ones, so he should not be dismissed as a “nutcase” as some officials have wrongly labeled him. He certainly appears to be passionate about his Jewish faith, which of course is not a crime.


Every year a few people get hurt when the bulls run in Pamplona.  Every day millions of Americans get gored when the bulls of Wall Street are allowed to run out of control (via deregulation in the 80s that allowed Banks to sell securities). Anyone other than insiders get trampled and the carnage they leave behind is considered “collateral damage”.  Federal judges are assigned to clean up the bull’s shit they leave behind just in case someone has the balls to seek legal recourse. Wake up friends. Banksters and war criminals have hijacked our country, and frankly, we let them. Shame on us.