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Are Enron links the only reason the brutal murder of FBI informant Al Chalem remains unsolved after 15 years? You decide…


Few people knew the truth as to why FBI Wall Street informant Al Chalem had his face removed with 5 shots to the head . Even the triggerman Mikhail did not know for 2 years why he had been tricked into exterminating the pump and dump master.  Now the truth is floating to the surface in dribs and drabs. 

Chalem was one of 4 brokers buying unregistered shares of Enron shares offshore  for politicians at the highest levels.  He was also helping drug dealers and corrupt FBI agents launder drug and other dirty money on Wall Street.  He thought he was untouchable until he was visited by Boris and Michael Vax.  He probably assumed that as an FBI informant, he had the best bodyguards in the world.  He assumed wrong.


But another FBI informant, a Fort Lauderdale lawyer named Steve Finta, partners with the notorious FBI Agent Terry Nelson (arrested with a load of drugs in Canada in 1997) was facing arrest  by the DEA for his role in the Canadian and Haitian drug deals orchestrated by Nelson. But he could redeem himself if he solved an even bigger problem for the White House – Enron and more specifically the key witness that could put Dick Cheney behind bars – Al Chalem.  Here is a  intertwined narrative of Cheney’s dealings over the years from a zealous and passionate source other than this author:  (Forgive his style – his intentions are clearly good)


Meet “Big Steve” Finta

Finta was a big gorilla but clever like a fox. He only had to persuade the Russian mob that Chalem was a government witness and an FBI informant who would soon be spilling his guts about his dealings with Harbor Securities.  If they found Chalem wearing his wire, all would be believed and Chalem’s fate would be irrevocable.  It was not true but when it comes to 15-30 year prison sentences, the Russians did not even think twice about the “tip”.  The rest is history and Cheney can now sleep like a baby at night.  Just for laughs, check this out

Hey, do you remember when the U.S. Supreme Court was used to appoint George W. Bush as our president in 2000, despite Al Gore capturing more of the popular vote in Florida?  Well it was the same Supreme Court that saved Mr. Cheney from revealing his meetings and proxy holdings in Enron.

Chalem also agreed to launder money for drug dealers through Wall Street transactions and proxy companies like American Financial Group of Florida were used to disguise and move the moneys. Many of the dealers were CIA subcontractors like George Morales whose pilot Gary Betzner testifies here: 

Did you know it is completely legal for NASDAQ and NYSE listed companies to sell shares in their companies for cash in any amount without proof of origin of the funds?  Thank President George H. Bush for this law his administration pushed through Congress. How else could Barry Seal and FBI Agent Terry Nelson wash millions of dollars of money every month without damning wire transfer records from banks?  Here’s an inside look at Seal’s operation…  that was about to be fully exposed by WSJ reporter Johnathan Kwitny when he suddenly passed away.  Although the government will stick to its strategy of “Deny, Deny, Deny!” the evidence is now undeniable… Uncle Sam’s rogue agents  work for our shadow government and are the biggest drug smugglers in the world.  Wall Street is only too happy to help do their dirty laundry.  In this report you can even see who paid for the planes that fly in the drugs…


Scooter Libby

But if not for Chalem’s murder, the world might not have a legal ground to prosecute the money launderers and murderers hired to protect and enrich the likes of Cheney, Nelson, and Pappa Bush.  These are the world’s modern day criminals that make Al Capone and John Dilinger look like boy scouts.  A look at American Financial Group’s phone bills from 1994-1996 will reveal the personal phone number of this man below (Donald Gregg) who  was the right hand man to Georg Bush Sr.  Likewise, when drug dealer Barry Seal was found shot in the head, he had the personal cell phone number of Vice President George H. Bush in his pocket.  In November of 1998, Al Chalem had a coffee shop meeting with Scooter Libby.  Why?  Also keep in mind that when former CIA Operative Chip Tatum was interviewed by FBI Supervisor Ted Gunderson, he confirmed that he met FBI Agent Terry Nelson at the home of Barbara Bush in South Florida.  Atty. Steve Finta who was Nelson’s front guy for ten years was seen dropping off $16 million in cash at AFG offices in Aventura, Florida.  All just big coincidences – right?  For those that doubt FBI Agent Terry Nelson was running drugs into Canada for years, just take a look at this or speak with eye witnesses Erling Ingvaldsen or pilot Curt Emmer.  As for Wall Street’s complicity, this headline article may enlighten you…

Gregg  george-hw-bush-0111-lg

I want to remind any and all prosecutors in America who subscribe to the concept of “equal justice for all”, that there is no statute of limitation for murder, even if the victim/witness was a slimeball who also just happened to be an FBI informant. Did you ever get the feeling that our courts are protecting a corrupt government from the people and not the people from a corrupt government? Apparently we have become those proverbial boiling frogs – too complacent with the status quo to even notice our own slow death as a free people.  Justice in America is now clearly an illusion – smoke and mirrors, yet another deception and tool, that like mainstream media is manipulated by the plutocracy.  George Washington,  Thomas Jefferson, and Ben Franklin must now be spinning in their graves at 3,000 rpm.

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